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Challenge yourself and your friends

This is the perfect app to keep track of all your peers “told you so” moments, from golf tour birdies to share price estimations.

Share with your friends

Record any prediction and share easily with friends, family and colleagues.

Create your own groups

Or join groups created by members around the world and give your predictions a global platform.

Prediction Chats

Share your thinking in the comments section of a prediction result.

Invite friends

By instantly sharing with your contacts to join the fun.

Easily join Bragging Rights

It’s time to share your predictions on anything you love and get your bragging rights on! Connect with an existing Facebook or Twitter account, OR sign up manually with your email address.

Bragging Rights App Functionality

View all your predictions

You can view all your predictions and those of your peers in full detail.

App Reminders

The app will remind all group members to vote and send notifications when the results are in.

Locks Predictions

Once a prediction is voted on it is locked and cannot be changed.

Status Calculations

Once the results are in, the app will calculate your score and your status will be updated accordingly.

Chat Functionality

Has chat functionality so you can comment on what everyone else predicted too!

Notify Users

The app will notify a user if there is an upcoming deadline and you can finally find out who really has foresight.

Download for free

Make your predictions and you can see what everyone else predicted too! See who really knows it all.

Download Bragging Rights from App StoreDownload Bragging Rights from Play Store
Great app and easy to use. This will make friendly bets a lot easier and it also creates an atmosphere amongst friends. Biggy Mathabathe

Great way to get mates involved in predictions. Robb Stockill

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